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Special Needs Theatre Arts Scholarship

Seeking to offer educational opportunities for the Magic Moments special needs cast, the Magic Moments Board offers the Magic Moments Special Needs Theatre Arts Scholarship annually.

Scholarship funds are provided to any special needs cast member (from the prior two year’s casts) who is interested in furthering their education in music, dance, voice, acting or any aspect of theatre arts they choose.

Applying for the 2017 Scholarship

To apply for the 2017 Scholarship program please complete and return the application form by May 19th. You can read more about applying here:

Past Recipients for the Magic Moments Theatre Arts Scholarship


Hannah Balmer, Logan Borer, Dennis Carbrey, Molly Cox, Sharon Dawson, Lilly Hinsley, Beth Jordan, Elizabeth Langworthy, Jeffrey McGarrity, Heather Pyle, Adrian Resendez, Scott Spencer, Greg Stanley


Hannah Balmer, Dennis Carbray, Sharon Dawson, Joel Gutierrez, Lilly Hinsley, Beth Jordan, Anton Kiwimagi, Elizabeth Langworthy, Adrian Resendez, Scott Spencer, Dustin Walters, Alyssa Youmans


Casey Gunning, Lilly Hinsley, Beth Jordan, Adrian Resendez, Seamus Rollins, Jacob Seibert, Alyssa Youmans


Hannah Balmer, Scott Spencer, Beth Jordan, Alyssa Youmans


Amy Betzler, Joel Gutierrez, Beth Jordan, Deanne McGlade, Ryan Quick, Adrian Resendez, Caroline Smith, Scott Spencer, Kevin Wagner


Heather McMillan, Hannah Balmer


Aaron Rendoff, Dustin Walters


Hannah Balmer, Lauren Blakley, Beth Jordan, Sarah Wells


Scott Spencer


For questions, contact: